Magic Hair Comb
Magic Hair Comb
Magic Hair Comb

Magic Hair Comb

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The Magic Elastic Hair Comb has a Distinctive Design that oozes out Charm and Confidence. Combine and Create all sorts of Unique Hairstyles, ranging from Buns and Ponytails to Updos and Fishtails.  Collect Them All!  Receive praises from your friends & colleagues about your refreshing hairstyles & cute hair combs each day.

Made of High-Quality Beads.
Easy and Simple to Use
No More Discomfort or Headaches! The Comb holds your Hair together, not the elastic band, preventing Scalp Damage
Works Great with any Hair Type - Thick or Thin, Long or Short, Curly or Straight, Wet or Dry
Our Combs are Engineered to be Lasting and Durable, Yet Comfortable to Wear.

Elstic Hair Comb