The front lace wig or 360 lace wig?

The similarities and differences between the front lace wig and the full lace wig:

(1) Front lace and full lace wig - both have a natural front hairline. Check the quality of the front line to see if it is the look you want. Both full lace and front lace give you a similar look.
The full lace is more breathable and less heated, while the front lace has more heat on the back. Compared with the front lace, the full lace is more expensive.

(2) Hair type selection - The wig can be constructed with synthetic human hair or 100% original hair.100% human hair does not contain any fibers and have a good touch. It has no difference from the natural hair of others. However, synthetic hairs are generally harder than human hair without comfortable feel.

(3) Separation of hair - Wigs need a fixed separate, free split wig. Check the separation to make sure if this is what you need.