How to Wash Real Human Hair Wig?

Hey Beauties,

As we all know that Real Human hair wig is expensive cost about $300~$500. So in order to make your wigs last longer. U definitely need to take care of them. Just a little bit of maintenance, let us make your hair silk and smooth.

Step 1 : Add the shampoo into the warm water, stir it until get some bubble.


Step 2 : Submerge the wig into the water to give it a bubble bath.


Cuz the hair is fragile. Be gentle while washing. Dunk the wig in and out the water and shake it around. Take a little shampoo into the hair to wash. Don’t rub it. According to the dirty, u can run it through the wash one more time.



Step 3 : After the hair is all clean, u should make sure that u raise all of the shampoo out of your hair with flowing water. And then wring out as water as possible.



Step 4 : Deep conditioned! Take some conditioner through the hair just making sure that u put a generous amount and applying it from root to tip.


Step 5 : After it is all conditions, put the wig inside a plastic bag and tie it nice the tight. Put this bag in the microwave for about 1-2 mins. This is going to be the deep condition.



Step 6 : Rinse it out with some cold or cool water. U can detangle the hair with your fingers and the brush.



Step 7 : Hang your wigs to dry it as natural.


 Then you will get your silky smooth hair!